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Berg Brauerei

In 1466, the pub, located by the farms on the hill (in German: Berg) was granted the right to bake, boil and other butcher things and since 1757, the Zimmermann family has run the brewery – now in the ninth generation.

In the Drei-Geräte-Sudhaus (three-machine brewhouse), we brew 9 all-year and 5 seasonal types of beer in a slow mashing process. 8 different kinds of malt and 5 kinds of hops make sure that every beer tastes different and smells different. We ferment bottom-fermented beer in the traditional two-tank maturing process; top-fermented beers obtain their special character in the rare original open top-fermentation process.

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Berg Brauerei
Ulrich Zimmermann
Brauhausstraße 2
89584 Ehingen-Berg
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Graf-Konrad-Straße 21
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