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Gasthof Brauerei Schwanen

Our brewery is one of the oldest, independent “Real Micro Breweries” in Germany. The history of beer began at the Schwanen in 1697 and has been continued by the Miller family since 1864, meanwhile in the fifth generation.

More than 19 different types of beer brewed throughout the year sharpen our unique profile and help us become one of Germany’s few breweries with the most sorts of beers. When, in 2005, our brewery became famous beyond the borders of the BeerCultureCity, also thanks to “Micha‘s BrauSeminaren”, it was clear that a further milestone had to be set. Graduate master brewer and beer sommelier Michael Miller brought the most characterful “international” craft beers of the best German beer brewers into our brewery. From now on, you can treat yourself to more than 70 sorts of beer at the Schwanen pub! And if that is still not enough, we have beer liqueur and beer schnapps as well as sweet beer chocolates and other beer products. In fact everything to make a beer lover’s heart beat faster.

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Gasthof Brauerei Schwanen
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