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Beer brewing course

Brew your own beer together with 20 friends, relatives or colleagues in the small 20-litre brewhouse! You will experience how the small malt corn becomes the sweet flavour. The beer-brewing course might become the start of a great passion for making your own beer on your cooker at home. 


  • You will brew beer in the 20-litre brewhouse and bottle the original fermentation yourself. The beer is ready for drinking after 14 days of fermentation
  • You are served a hearty brewer’s snack for in between meals
  • A tour of the brewery with the very rare open top-fermentation and a sample of Zwickel beer straight from the fermentation and storage tank
  • Your day of brewing is over after 5 hours in the brewery pub. At the end, you are served crispy knuckle of pork or, as an alternative, cheese spaetzles with Alb mountain cheese and the beer quartet for tasting
  • After an eventful day and a lovely evening, you will stay in a 3 star room and enjoy a wonderful breakfast from the buffet in the morning in the Landgasthof & Land-gut-Hotel zur Rose*** (200 m away).

Price per person: Beer-brewing course:                             From 76.00 EUR
Beer-brewing course with overnight stay and

breakfast (single room):                                                     From 125.00 EUR
Price for 2 persons: Beer-brewing course with

overnight stay and breakfast (double room):                     From 231.00 EUR

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