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Germany’s most beautiful beer hiking trail

For hiking fans, they say in Ehingen: “We hike from one beer to another.”

Our beer trail is 14 km long and was chosen by the magazine “Wandermagazin” as among the 30 most beautiful hiking trails in Germany. The wide variety of offers come together for you like a radiant beer culture mosaik

Available in Englisch

The excellently signposted beer trail is suitable for all age groups and leads

  • to an English version of the multimedia BeerCultureCity round trip
  • past 3 breweries in the city centre
  • to attractive beer garden
  • to numerous historical buildings worth seeing
  • through the enchanted Wolfertpark
  • down to the beautiful Danube valley
  • along the Danube to the brewery in Berg.

We wish you a lot of fun on the unique culinary adventure hike!

Tip 1: You can download the fold-up hiking map here or request a free copy by e-mail.

Tip 2: Hiking along the beer trail to ber: Come and visit us on foot. Our hiking guide is happy to accompany your on the beer trail of the beer culture city right up to our brewery/pub. Price per person 35.00 EUR.



Overview dining opening hours

We have summarized the most important dining opening hours along our Beer Hiking Trail, to help you make the best Beer Culture City experience possible.

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